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Directions: Please answer each question. It is all free answer. An answer is required for each question. Any personal information will not be sent to any third-party group. All information is kept inside SGA walls.

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1. How many days/weeks/months/years have you been playing Spiral Knights?
2. You are stuck in a mini-boss situation, nowhere to run, your only partner has already fainted, and there are still more monsters to fight. Your health is still pretty high. What do you do?
3. There are no monsters left, but your whole team is down. Your health is also pretty high. You are only a room or two away from the elevator. The next floor is going to be tougher. What do you do?
4. What do you think the purpose of the Spiral Gods Alliance is?
5. What do you hope to bring to the SGA?
6. Your playing with an unexperienced player and you have a silver key. Are you going to play the Danger room or will you continue on?
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