#1: You are among the greatest, and will treat the other SGA as such. in return, you too will be great.

#2: You will not lie about anything for the sake of popularity among our number

#3: You shall not Judge teh NEWBZ. unless they blow ass. then you may point and laugh at ur own lesiure.

#4: Breakdancing is strictly prohibited in serious places such as the wiki.

#5: You will earn your rights. Never demand that but what you have already recieved.

#6: You will treat yourself and any teammates you will have respectfully.

#7: Kill-stealing is wrong unless another player is about to be killed by that creature.

#8: do not give in to the hate of lesser guilds. we shall one day teach them our greatness.


#10: Teach your ways to other members to add to our greatness. add rules that will be of use to ther members below.

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